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Tim Huff

Tim Huff

Tim Huff – Bend, OR
Slipmat Science

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Tim Huff went to his first rave in the summer of 2000. 2 turntables and a mixer quickly followed by a carefully selected batch of vinyl specializing in the trance, house, and breaks variety. Considered a garage DJ for years, mixing only at home or with a few friends. In 2007, finally motivated to get up on that stage, he experienced his first set. Here we are 4 years later never looking back.

Known to mix any variety of house music, those funky and dark breaks, even dipping a toe into the glitch and dub-step waters occasionally. Looking for the seamless mixes, keeping that groove alive and getting that bass so low you can feel it when you go home.

The future will bring an alternate persona…BeatleBailey. Like others in the scene, love of music has pushed towards production. Live sets bringing the funk like they used to do it back in the day. Samples, loops, hooks to get your booty shaking the way it was meant to be. The future awaits, the process has begun.