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DJ Harlo

Dj Harlo

Harlo – Bend, OR
Slipmat Science / Mixed Heritage / The Force

Bendistillery / Rane / ADIDAS

The Blacksmith Restaurant & Nightclub

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Currently working as a Professional Audio Engineer & DJ, Jason Harlowe a.k.a “Harlo” has come from humble beginnings. Since first hitting the turntables back in 1992 all the way to pursuing a small career in Community Theater. Finally in 1997 Harlo took on live DJ Performance as a career. Debuting in his first DJ battle in 1998 Sponsored by Vestax, Harlo’s path was clear. After moving to Bend, OR. in 1999, Harlo has been the godfather of Bend, Oregon’s dance movement. One of the 1st DJ’s to bring turntables & electronic music to the mainstream of Bend’s music scene. Harlo as touched or influenced just about every Electronic Musician to come out of Bend. Since then Harlo has achieved his Masters for audio engineering & post production, created a Reason certification class that is used in one of the top recording schools in the U.S. and opened Mixed Heritage Studios, a medium scale Recording & Post Production studio in Bend, Oregon. Harlo currently serves as resident DJ at the Bend Blacksmith. Harlo has had 3 self released CD Mix Set’s as well as 2 Mix sets released featuring all personally composed tracks. Despite sticking to the shadows & not being known as a headlining DJ, Harlo is forever dedicated to being a major influence in the Central Oregon scene supporting the legends and pushing new artists to realize their expressive potential. Harlo is simply “your friendly neighborhood DJ / Composer”