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Slipmat Science was started in 2002, when a group of friends who were going to local events and shows every weekend in Portland decided they could do it themselves. They booked favorite local DJs ALATIN and SAM POOL along with a few friends, and rented out the old JUNIPER golf course in Redmond. That night, Slipmat Science was born.

Slipmat Science started out as a handful of friends: Carl Warner, Travis and Nathan Owens , Steven Rock ,Troy Alfalma Jr, Cris Henry, Kip Harlo and a few others. Today, Slipmat has over 10 DJs and producers and a handful of live artists, along with a huge group of supporters.

For almost ten years they have been bringing in world class talent to Bend, their little town in the middle of nowhere. Slipmat Science strives to create a place for people to come and experience new and cutting edge music, with an unforgettable visual experience.

2012 is the year they take over Central Oregon music venues in full force! Keep an eye out and your ears open for whats to come.